Commercial Paving in New Jersey

Our Services

DLS Contracting offers Municipal Paving Services which cover a wide range of projects for all municipalities across Metro New Jersey and New York.

These include:

  • Grinding
  • Patching
  • Road Widening
  • Park Paths

Working with both concrete and asphalt, our crews are well-versed in the requirements and standards of each project.

Services include:

  • Removal of any existing materials
  • Excavation work and civil services
  • Installation of drainage, sanitary and storm water systems
  • Installation of gravel and other suitable base materials
  • Paving the surface

Our team has been providing paving services throughout Metro New Jersey and New York for over 20 years.

WE will provide quote for the required work, and can start as early as two to three weeks after receiving approval.

Contact DLS today for more information on our municipal paving services.